Fashion week and economical crisis

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last blog post! Things are happening quite fast, and it’t all about keeping yourself up to date, and in that self-update the blog sometimes gets forgotten. Like now.

Since the last blog post probably took you a week to read as it was incredibly long, I’m not going to write as much this time. So here’s the highlights of the week:

– We discovered Pinkberry. We now love Pinkberry. Pinkberry is our friend.

– We went to The Lincoln Center and studied the people walking around there, we saw: Joan Rivers, Paula Abdul, Nicky Hilton, some guys carrying surf boards and lots of beer, Louise Roe and probably many other  celebrities we didn’t recognize. It’s actually a lot harder to recognize them than one might imagine as how often to do you pay attention to every single face you pass during a day? Anyways, we never quite made it to ask if we could come in and watch a show (as we were going somewhere else), but we did capture some of the crazyness going on outside. There are some gateway students who did get in to some of the shows.

– We’ve had “studentgrøt og saft” at The Seaman’s Church, which basically means rice porridge and water with fruit syrup (quite popular drink in Norway). We ended up sitting there for a couple of hours, ate some Norwegian waffles with jam and went straight to Taco Bell after that. How is that even possible?

– When it comes to the economical crisis, New York, you’re over-consuming our wallets. Seriously, stop.

Papparazzi, Joan Rivers with the blonde hair and black clothes, with Paula Abdul with the hot pink skirt
Paula Abdul with the hot pink skirt
A stylish guy.

This is how a chocolates-hazelnut frozen yoghurt with strawberries, blueberries, more chocolate, chocolate crisps and brownie bites looks like

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