It was a Really Really Blonde Party

Fashion’s night out- one of the largest fashion-events in New York, as well as other places in the world. Not only do selected stores and retailers have special guests (Justin Bieber, Marc Jacobs to mention a few), but they also have a lot of things going on (Topshop gave their visitors manicures for free, champagne at DKNY, goodie bags) and there are special offers this evening (Chanel with a special offer for matching nail polish and lipstick – when does Chanel ever have a sale or discount??). The whole city is filled with fashion-loving people and other people looking for a good fashion purchase. But did we experience all of this? No. What did we do? Well, read on.

We went to the Really Really Blonde Party, also known as the opening night of Moods of Norway! When arriving 15 minutes later than we were told (one cannot avoid being fashionably late on fashions night out). After receiving Norwegian chocolate from the coolest Freia guy ever, we were brought in by Stefan (didn’t have to stand in line) and equipped with blonde wigs which were a necessity for attending the party. When entering the store, the people from the Norwegian Seamen’s Church were serving waffles with sour cream and jam in their Bunads (national costume). I had never felt more at home.

Drinks were served and it turned out to be a real Norwegian party; drink till you drop! And so we did. Or not really, at least I didn‘t. Okay, almost. Poolside played great music, there were a lot of people, especially blonde people… A lot of important people and a lot of friendly people. And A LOT of Norwegian people. We even talked to the founders of Moods of Norway! Great guys! This night proved that Norwegian are truly masters in throwing great parties, even though there’s a Swedish guy on the team; Stefan Dahlkvist.

We mingled for quite a while before deciding to call it a night. At least I did. I was already tired that day, and lets be honest, being hungry and consuming alcohol at the same time is never a good thing. So I decided to leave. When leaving I said my goodbyes and tried to catch a cab. As stressed and tired as I was, I decided to run over to the other side of the street (on the white man of course, as he isn‘t green here is the US). While concentrating on running with soar and hurting feet, I managed to run into a guy. As intoxicated as I was (not too much, just a little), I could‘t take my eyes of those horrible washed out basketball shorts. The guy kinda helped me up and asked me if I was okay. Yeah I was, just stressed out about that I could‘t get a cab home. He asked me if my night had been fun. Yes, indeed. A high five later and a bye-bye, someone yelled out: OMG IT‘S ADAM SANDLER. Damn. He had already crossed the street, and the red hand was now on display. So I could‘t take a picture, but here you have the story in writing.

Moods of Norway; 75 Greene St
Lovely Rebekka
The Freia guy

The Gateway representatives… so far…
Bar # 1
Bar # 2

Peder Børresen – one of the founders
Really really blonde people
Chilling out with Ine
Getting some additional brown growth on my head. With Simen Staalnacke, the other founder.
It’s all about the Norwegian Vodka

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