Fashion Institute of Technology

Oh, how time flies…. The fantastic labor day weekend was entirely spent on reading and preparing ourselves for this week. We didn’t even leave the apartment on Sunday, but yesterday we managed to get out during the evening. We ended up in SoHo were there were two stores that particularly caught our interest: What goes around comes around (vintage store) and DKNY. The purpose of our SoHo trip was to find the vintage store Second Chance, but we never got that far. We ended up eating a late dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Prince St called Peep. Good food, relatively good service – they were quite quick in the beginning, but in the end we had to wait for almost a half an hour before we got their attention and then more waiting when paying the bill. And a huge minus for the wine – you could taste that they were quite old. Actually you could smell it. Old in the sense that the bottled had been opened some while ago. Or maybe that’s how American wine tastes? Anyways, it wasn’t good.

Today was a relaxed day with great company. I had brunch with my lovely Ida in SoHo, but the service was really weird, in the sense of that they didn’t let us enjoy the meal. They took our plates almost before we were done eating as well as giving us our entrees before we had eaten half of our appetizer. Don’t think we’re going back there, but the company made up for the peculiar experience. Afterwards we met up with Linn and Aditi and went to FIT. Our entire school day was based on visiting the fashion exhibition at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). This is the largest fashion school in New York (don’t remember if it was the largest in the US), and also acknowledged for one of the world’s leading fashion institutes.

The exhibition was extremely interesting and contained dresses and outfits from the 1920’s till today. They weren’t exhibited as a timeline, but more designer based. I had planned to take several pictures of the gorgeous (and the not-so gorgeous) dresses, but it turned out that we weren‘t allowed to take pictures. And we couldn’t talk loudly, so everyone whispered. Except Ida, because she was laughing too hard (sometimes, otherwise we were quiet). Haven’t really taken any pictures lately, but I’ll share the ones I have. Including the one of myself which I ended up posting on several walls on Facebook just for fun. It’s also worth mentioning that I baked on Saturday – croissants. Didn’t really taste very good because I didn’t make them from scratch, but they were good enough.

Peep Japanese
The Fashion Institute of Technology
FIT art
Welcome to FIT
The Museum at FIT – Goodman Center

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