Going solo in The City

Most parents, especially American parents (from outside New York) would never let their children do what I did today. I explored parts of the city – on my own!

After doing my laundry and cleaning (my mac), my restlessness reached its ultimate limit and it was time for me to get out. I decided to explore Broadway – from the Financial District to NoHo. The goal was to not buy anything else than a lid for my camera lens…. well that didn’t happen. I ended up with a fashion book (which will be useful in my studies and future work as a designer) and some earrings (no, I don’t have a really good reason for why I bought them, other than that they were pretty and they were on sale).

I decided to bring my camera in order to take some pictures and show you guys what this part of Manhattan has to offer. I talked to a couple of different people and they all gave me the same *You might love New York, but New York doesn’t love you*-look before I told them I was a blogger, and their facial expressions had a sudden change. 97 % of people walking around with SLR-cameras are tourists who walk extremely slow and decide to suddenly stop while you’re walking right behind them. For everyone from Stavanger – we boycotted the Gladmat Festival due to the amount of people there this year – imagine it being like that every day. That’s what it’s like in several of the streets of New York, especially at Times Square, but that is an extreme example. Anyways, today has been all about relaxation, exploring, washing and cleaning and some more relaxing. As for now, I am enjoying a cup of Earl Grey tea with Kaizers Orchestra chocolate from Sjokoladepiken. I have to say – those chocolates are extremely special, especially Beatrice with the taste of ash.

Booths at Liberty Street
Booths at Liberty Street
Cool, huh? Taken at Broadway and Trinity Pl
Broadway by Canal St
Superman Converse
Batman Converse – limited Edition
Our neighbours
Ground Zero
The sourcebook of contemporary fashion design
The books for our fashion class
My incredible dinner, salad with pasta and herb-marinated shrimps. Just because Karina cares about what bloggers eat! 🙂
Kaizers Orchestra chocolate from Sjokoladepiken. Beatrice – Violeta – Maestro and Isabella Conradas, where Violeta is the definite favourite!

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