Back to school

Funs over, now it’s time to get serious and face why we really came here; to study. The books are huge and heavy, but the classes aren’t! We had our first day at school, as students and not pupils, on Thursday. So far the classes have been a blast! All of them! The lecturers make the two hours they have us fun and interesting and their passion for the subject has a contagious effect on us as the students! The subjects we’ve had so far are Entrepreneurship (where we had an introduction to the subject and syllabus followed by a cocktail-free cocktail-party on Thursday). That class was followed by Marketing with the most interesting Professor I can imagine; Professor Wolfgang Hinck. He’s hilarious, uses good examples, breaks down the subject in order to make it easier to understand and would prefer the class aiming for a C grade-wise and go out and experience New York rather than to sit at home and do homework. We’ve had his class twice as well as Fashion – which is the reason why we’re here. Our Professor in Fashion is extremely interesting in several ways. His opinions and knowledge surprised many, but the most surprising moment was when he told us about his wife and daughter. Yup, we all thought or hoped he was gay! Anyways, that doesn‘t matter as his classes are really interesting and his knowledge and background is quite admirable! Joshua is also a Professor at FIT and Parsons The New School of Design. How great isn‘t that?

So far I have to say that Gateway College in New York is constantly surprising with exceeding all my expectations! Even though I’ve only been a student for 2 days, but we’ve been here for over a week now and we are starting to feel like New Yorkers already. Another cool thing; the first days have been at Times Square. Imagine that; going out of the building and standing in one of the most tourist-packed places in the world. It’s quite fun!

The first day of school wasn’t so easy for all of us though. On Wednesday we were invited to a celebration party of the ending of the introduction week, and that affected the first day as a student for many! We went to RSVP, and ended up with getting a Vodka bottle on each table, followed by three different courses. Some hours later, limos came and picked up most of the students, while I chose to go home, as I wanted to be rested for my first day at Gateway. Most students came on Thursday with hangovers and had slept for probably something between 2-5 hours. As for me, I had slept for almost 6 hours.

We’ve also done other things than getting drunk and going to school since my last blog post. Eating cauliflower soup, waffles and buying Norwegian groceries at The Seamen’s Church (the Norwegian Church, Sjømannskirken) has been one of the main events as well as eating at a fantastic Italian restaurant right by Times Square. Check out the pictures!

Norwegian waffles with Norwegian jam and sour cream. LOVE!
Shopping at Sjømannskirken New York
Norwegian chocolate at Sjømannskirken
The night before first day of school
Finlandia Vodka – what we thought was water…
The best place I have eaten in New York so far!
Quite satisfied with the magical chicken!
The best cure when you’re feeling blue – just that I wasn’t feeling blue, I just needed the antioxidants
Back to school…
Did I mention that auditions take place at the current school we’re at?
And Blue Bloods and Gossip Girl auditions were held here

I will definitively be blogging more often now, as we FINALLY managed to fix the internet connection here!

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