Running down Manhattan

Today was the day for the Scavenger hunt. We’ve been running around Manhattan, occasionally put on some spurts (every time we had to cross a street and quite many blocks), and we also had a couple of powerwalks when we had been running for a while. We started At Tribeca, right outside our school.

The posts we ran to were as following:

The Magnolia Bakery – our mission was to take a group picture and grab a menu to give to Cathrine on the next post

Washington Square – Hand over the menu and get the next clue.

The Flat Iron building – get the next clue, where we only got a picture of a lion statue

The Public Library – Where we had to take a group picture and get the next clue which included some red stairs

Times Square – We ran to Times Square and had to sing the national anthem (The Star Sprangled Banner) without the Lyrics in the red stairs while it was being filmed.

Rockefeller Center – This is where we got our last clue

Central park – was where we ended and got lunch.

The boy team won with a time of 72 minutes (1 boy team and 7-8 teams in total of just girls). Our team were second with a time of 96 minutes. We also heard rumours concerning that the other teams had taken subways and taxi’s around, so we felt quite proud when we had been using our feet the entire scavenger hunt. When we got to Central Park it started raining. Being from Stavanger, I am quite used to rain, but I have never seen this much rain in my entire life before. They say that everything is bigger in America, well, the raindrops sure are!

I didn‘t get a chance to take any pictures from today as we were constantly on the move, but I can share some pictures from the weekend where we’ve been at Times Square, Bobby Van Grill, visited Silver towers and went shopping on Sunday

Fashion Avenue
Parsons New School for Design – Our fashion teacher, Joshua, teaches here as well
Custom made caramel macchiato!
Our new friends, Elmo and Mickey
Sephora Nailpolishes

Bobby Vans Grill – bread with homemade butter
Times Square by night
My very first pair of Steven Maddens. LOVE!

3 thoughts on “Running down Manhattan

  1. Utrolig spennede og ikke minst morsomt! Gleder meg til å følge deg i mndene i NYC. Kom gjerne med tips og anbefalinger, skal nemlig studere moteledelse og entreprenørskap til våren:)

  2. Så spennende og ikke minst morsomt! Gleder meg til å følge bloggen din i mndene fremover, kom gjerne med tips og anbelafinger. Skal nemlig studere moteledelse og entreprenørskap våren 2013:)

    1. Will do! Send gjerne epost om det er noe du lurer på! Så langt anbefaler jeg dette på det sterkeste! Har det helt fantastisk og foreleserne er bare helt utrolige! Dette er GØY!

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