The Manhattan tour

WHAT A LIBERATION. We finally met The Statue of Liberty. She even joined us for lunch (picture-proof). So, we’re almost all set in THE CITY, our mandatory trip to IKEA is on the schedule today, including a long walk over Brooklyn Bridge. Can’t wait!

My lovely roomies arrived here on Wednesday, and at Thursday at 8 AM we were obliged to meet at Tribeca (the cinema where Robert De Niro has initiated the film festival), where we had doughnuts and coffee for breakfast and a presentation of everything possible to be presented in coherence with Gateway New York. We found out that we will be having the best of the best lecturers, the guest lecturers are Oscar-winners (Academy Awards), filmmakers, fashion gurus and other important people! Listening to the lecturers and their backgrounds I felt extremely relieved and excited. With a background of English teachers who expelled me from class because I knew too much and IB teachers who barely knew how to speak English (and the syllabus was quite another story), I can’t wait to have competent lecturers in the classrooms!

But from one day to another…. Yesterday was all about Manhattan! All days have been all about Manhatta really, but this was about perceiving Manhattan in different ways. This included a boat trip around the island, meeting The Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Brige, Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn’s buildings (ha ha) and the American Flag. The boat trip ended in a long walk, Starbucks and Shopping with a capital S on Broadway. We also took the subway for the first time and it was FUN! New York is becoming our playground as we are getting more familiar with the longer distances and we’re walking everywhere (why take a cab when you can walk for 40 minutes and get to know the place). We went crazy in Mystique Boutique, had FroYo in Broadway and bought new babies; Sunniva and I bought SLR-cameras while Kathrine and Karina bought Macbooks. Aditi bought Steve Madden shoes and Nikes and Toms.

By the end of the day we were so exhausted that we barely had energy to eat. That means the day was well spent.

The Jewel – our private boat

Manhattan bridge in the front and Brooklyn Bridge behind it.
The Manhattan Skyline
Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan
Manhattan Bridge
The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty. Felt quite liberated when I saw her.
Meet my new friend.
The lunch with The Statue of Liberty
Instabridge – Brooklyn Bridge
Meet my new baby.

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