That feeling when you lose your flight to New York

After two sleepless nights, the day I’ve been waiting for finally arrived! The day I’m taking the big step to New York. Right now I am sitting at Boston Logan International Airport, just payed my bills and now I am drinking a mocha coconut frappuccino and eating a massive Boston cookie.

I had the best start on my day with that my dear ginger friend Nicholas drove me to the airport. I could‘t have asked for anything else, as he is one of my closest friends and he is one of those whom I’m definitely going to miss the most! When we entered the parking lot at the airport I saw a girl looking a lot like Irmelin. And then I saw Kristine. That was the best surprise I could ever have asked for! They waited it the line with me at the airport and stood by me until my dad and his best friend came to have breakfast with me. Or I had breakfast in their lunch-break.

I didn’t really think about that having 1-1.5 hours in each stop in my journey would be very stressful, I managed to run from one side of the airport to the other in Schiphol, Amsterdam, but the line for entering the United States was waaaay to long in Boston, so even though I had almost two hours (just almost), I still managed to miss my flight.

So here I am now, drinking my frappuccino and watching Pretty Little Liars. Still got an hour until the boarding starts.

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