I can’t believe I’m finally here! New York City. THE City. The Big apple. Man I’m going bananas! I’ve just spent an hour organizing my jewellery and I can’t stop thinking about all the new jewellery I’m going to order from Bombayfashions! At this very moment Kaizers Orchestra has taken over the silence in the apartment (yes I brought my cd’s) and chocolate from Sjokoladepiken is being consumed!

The area we’re living in is AMAZING! I have no words describing how excited I am! I haven’t explored a lot of the area yet, but what I’ve seen so far makes me want to jump up and down.. Haha… Our apartment is located in Greenwich Village, next to the Financial District (Wall Street etc) and The World Trade Center on the other side. Brooklyn Bridge is also quite close to our place.

Before I’m gonna head out for some breakfast (my last meal was in Boston yesterday), I just wanted to share some pictures of the apartment with you! The apartment is actually bigger than both my mothers and fathers place.

The view from the living room
View when entering

The Closet
The hats.
From one wall to another. Ignore my mess.
The staircase going to Karina’s room
The Kitchen – it seats 6 people


Skyscraper – view from another window


The Kaizers Orchestra CD’s

2 thoughts on “HELLO NEW YORK!

  1. Bless your heart! Enjoy and live life to the fullest, work hard and all your aspirations and dreams will come true! Exciting to be part of the arrival of your roommmates entering the appartment via skype! Love and hugs from back home ❤ Mummy

  2. Dødsmisunnelig! Sitte og tenke på at du faktisk e i USA liksom.. føle ikkje det va så lenge siden du fortalte meg om at du hadde komt inn. Ser ut som ein koselige leilighet, lett om eg konne bodd der.

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