Life is a box of chocolates

A slow-witted mind once said on the theatre screens 18 years ago. Yes, I am indeed referring to Forrest Gump. But he is not the subject of this blog post. This blog post is dedicated to life, to feelings, to friends, family, memorable moments, leadership and self-esteem. This blog post is dedicated to Kaizers Orchestra and Sjokoladepikens box of chocolates. Some people may have been wondering what this red velvet box contains, others may have seen it, but not given any though to it, while I guess most people were unaware of such a product even existing. For several months, throughout my endless visits to Sjokoladepiken, I have been gazing this box, or the boxes as they have several.

One of the first visits I had to Sjokoladepiken with Hege ended in an interview with the waitresses asking them what this beautiful box contained. I later googled it and found an article in Stavanger Aftenblad, the local newspaper. You can read it here. I found out that the box contained chocolate (of course) with special flavors. These flavors were to represent 4 of the characters in their lyrical universe, meaning that there are four different flavors. The box also contains the script for the play Sonny written by Tore Renberg. This play has been one of Norways biggest plays where all the shows were sold out. Sold out in Stavanger, Oslo and Denmark. I managed to watch it three times and my penchant for the play grew for each time. The play is based on the lyrical universe of Kaizers Orchestras three first albums; Ompa til du dør, Evig Pint and Maestro. The play premiered the same day as they released their second album in the Violeta-troilogy; 11.11.11. As this was a huge day for Kaizers Orchestra, this day needed to be evident in the box. And it was. In the chocolate box, you also get Violeta Violeta Volume II. Including lyrics. There is also a lot of art in the box, most of it being the VV VII artwork by Martin Kvamme.


I still haven’t dared tasting the chocolate, but the flavors are as following:

Beatrice: a core of dark truffle with Jack Daniels and pickled lime. The outer layer is white chocolate dusted with ash. This represents her gorgeous looks on the outside and the darkness on her inside.

Violeta: Milk chocolate truffle with flower-tea, looking like a beautiful cream summit. A soft girl in a hard world, her taste represents her ability to pick her mother’s dreams in flowers.

Maestro: dark chocolate ganache with a core of burning bell pepper and chili-jelly. A devilish, dark and attractive piece, just like the Maestro himself.

Isabella Conradas: A round truffle with red wine, port wine and chocolate decorated with a currant on top of the Venus breast shape, symbolizing her warm heart.

What I love the most about this box is the selection of chocolates. The tastes represent the most important characters in the two different lyrical universes Kaizers Orchestra have created.  I still don’t think that disappointment would hit in if they had chosen the characters from just one of the universes they have created. The whole box, the presentation and everything is very well accomplished. That may also reason for the price of this chocolate box. The exact price will not be stated here, but for myself, it was a present. A going away-present to myself. In that going-away present I ended up finding another present from the very lovely and beautiful Kari Alice whom I attended kindergarten with. She also works at Sjokoladepiken and gave me a good-luck present containing 4 pieces of Holly Golightly, my favorite chocolate there so far! After a long and tiring day, opening the chocolate box and finding her present made the whole day a lot better.

The sweet surprise from Kari Alice; 4 pieces of Holly Golightly
The front
Kaizers Orchestra and Sjokoladepiken presents
When opening the box
Sonny Script
Sonny information
The bat; 11.11.11
Kaizers Orchestra
Drøm Videre Violeta music plays when opening the box
The CD


The box
Flavour description
The chocolates
Beatrice, Violeta, Maestro and Isabella Conradas
The chocolates; Beatrice, Violeta, Maestro and Isabella Conradas


Kaizers Orchestra


4 thoughts on “Life is a box of chocolates

  1. Hi! Thank you for all your Kaizers posts! I just discovered them a couple of months ago… Last month I was in Stavanger and discovered the box at Sjokoladepiken. I regret to this day I did not buy it, thinking it would be best to order it when I got home. Sjokoladepiken does not reply my mails…. 😦
    Do you know how to get it when you’re not living in Norway?

    1. Hi!

      I really have no clue. I am pretty sure that they don‘t ship their chocolate anywhere. I would recommend you to either get someone from Stavanger to buy it and ship it to you or send an email to Kaizers Orchestra and see if there is something they can do about this (

      Hope you get a hold of the chocolate box! Eating them is truly an indescribable experience (still have half of the box).

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