Girl in Oslo

Bigbang wants to talk to the prettiest girl in Oslo. Or is that you? Listen to their request here. I always think of that song when I arrive here, looking around and spotting pretty city girls. Even though there aren’t many of them, they exist and they pass you once in a while.

I arrived in Oslo on Friday as an attempt to surprise my mother, as she was informed that I would be arriving on Saturday. I dropped everything I had in my hands and left, which I realized was a quite bad thing to do at that moment, but everything worked out. Friday was an intense day as I had stayed up till 4 a.m. in order to do my laundry and woke up at 7 a.m. to complete it. At 7 I started the project of cleaning my room, which is the most hopeless thing one can do when tired, so I stopped in the middle of the mess, I even cancelled an appointment I had at 11 a.m. just to get some time to breathe. When I was in the middle of the last-minute packing, the doorbell rang and it was just a person I needed to see. Mr. Jaswant Kanwar, one of the most fantastic people on earth. Along with his lovely wife, they run the best Indian restaurant in Stavanger – Mogul India Restaurant. Read more about it here and here. We talked for a while, he left and I realized that I was late for work. I carried my huge kickboxing bag, my handbag and my new Agape shoes down to Snadderbuå. When I got there, I had to run back and forth in order to pick up things I forgot. Man, I love last minute packing! When I went out to take the bus to the airport I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten ALL the documents I needed for my visa and interview at the American Embassy. So, stressed as I was, I called Edvard and he drove me home and then to the airport.

When I got to the airport I spotted some lovely people. Hege’s parents! That only meant one thing – Hege was nearby. And she was. And we met up. And we did the usual thing; we ate. Breakfast. In the middle of the day.

Time flew, and so did we. In opposite directions. She is currently enjoying life in NY while I am preparing  for my interview with the embassy of The United States tomorrow. Or today actually.

BUT a lot of things happened today as well! Dag Hol, an internationally acknowledged Norwegian painter came to us today. On the basis of that he is a good friend of my mother of course, sadly he did not want to paint me. Yet. Anyways… We took a walk up Grefsenkollen, had some blueberries, took a break on top of the hill and went down again while consuming some more of the wild and free berries. When we got home, we had fish (really interesting) and then dessert; cheese! As I am a cheese lover, I was responsible for preparing a tray with cheese and accessories. And so I did. We ended the day with a spa – homemade style where my mom gave us head massages and I did my nails. Check out the last days in pictures;

Meeting Hege at the airport – Sola
Confidence in a box
Left all alone in Grønland by the family.
Batman art. This is Batman on a piece of art in Geir Hamnes’s house.
Avocado and shrimps – Saturday snack!
Saturday look….
Walking on the path to Grefsenkollen
The path somewhere towards Grefsenkollen
The view from Grefsenkollen
Batman taking a break after a long walk
Batman watching over Oslo
Ashti picking blueberries
Forrest path
One wild strawberry. It was yummy.
A mini break, or actually a photoshoot break
Close up
Still taking pictures….
One of my favorite things in the world. Several of them actually.
The Table set-up. Tried to make a celery mother tree with her babies. Almost made it.
The cheese assortment
Dag’s speciality. This is a highly recommended combination of mini-digestive with Castello black pepper cheese, a slice of pear, two blueberries and a dash of home-made strawberry jam.
Fruits, berries, art and cheese
As for now, the bed is calling…

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