Joy, food, shoes and A LOT of people

I had a really hard time getting up today. But as I realized that today is the day I was going to Agape to get the present Tove-Rudi had got, I jumped out of bed and got ready in a surprisingly short time. The sun was shining and I put on my favorite skirt and left the house with a big smile on my face. The bus was late and it was completely full, but it didn’t matter for once. I was on my way to Tove-Rudi, still with a big smile. I got to Agape and my patience was being tested while I waited for her to complete the phone call. She got off the phone and had a big smile on her face. I have never ever been so scared by a smile before. Maybe I have, but not lately.  We walked out of the storage room, where I met up with her and then she told me what I was getting for my birthday. Shoes. Any pair I wanted. But we both really knew just which pair I had been dreaming of the past years. Shoe model number 8026 probably doesn’t mean anything to you, so let me show you in pictures instead.

If you happen to fall in love with them as well, they can be bought in Stavanger, as the only model sold in their online store is 8028, meaning the heel is lower. This pair is a part of the collection Pia Haraldsen designed for Agape, and you can read more about it here.

My day wasnt all about the shoes, but they followed me around from the moment I got them to the moment I got home. These days the food festival “Gladmaten” (the happy food) is happening. It is a festival where several of the restaurants and pubs of Stavanger present themselves in booths/stands and tents with special meals and menus. This is one of the biggest things which happens in Stavanger every year, and it keeps on growing. I met up with Hege and we took the challenge by checking it out. Today, Hellstrøm, the Norwegian version of Gordon Ramsay was there. Two years ago, Gordon Ramsay was there as well. Anyways. There were a lot of people there. A bit too many. It was impossible to pass through and get to where you wanted. People walked in what we call “saueflokk” in Norwegian – like a flock of sheep. There were also too many baby carriages/prams blocking the way. I had my shoes and was quite satisfied even though our speed from A to B was in minus. We went through the entire festival area looking for good sushi, and ended up at Timbuktu, where I eat sushi during the festival every year. The first time I ever tried sushi was during the festival at Timbuktu for about 4-5 years ago. I wasn’t very fond of it at that time and made my vegetarian father eat my leftovers. But now, it is one of my favorite foods. Especially sushi made with Norwegian salmon, that is truly the best of both worlds!

After having sushi, we went to Delizia and had an amazing banana split. It contained 3 different types of gelato, a banana split in two with one half with raspberry sauce, the other half with chocolate sauce and soft ice. We ran from the massive amount of people and ate the banana split on the market square called Torgterrassen. As it got windy, we went inside on a shopping spree. We tried on plenty of shoes and went through all the sales items in Mango, but Hege was the only one who bought something. As usual. When the wallets were empty, it was time to go, and I met up with uncle Hakki, my almost aunt-Elisabeth and her parents. Their first question was of course if I was the one acquainted with Peder, their grandson – aka LidoLido. Well, am I? No not really, I met him on Ostehuset two weeks ago as a pure coincidence, where I introduced myself to him and his family. Well, he recognized me and said I have a nice blog. Am I acquainted with him then? I guess so. Slightly. Anyways, I can only recommend people with interest to follow him on Instagram @lidolidoofficial. He posts quite many interesting pictures, and I haven’t regretted following him once! ANYWAYS back to the point, I met up with them at Tango, where I showed them my birthday present. They were all impressed! After getting good lucks and the best of wishes from them for my journey to New York, I left in order to reach the bus to work, which I of course was late for. But as I am my own boss, I forgave myself.

When I got to work I found out that I didnt want to work and sat outside and tanned my legs instead. Man I love being the boss! I didnt prioritize an outfit change at home before arriving at Snadderbuå, so I took a new, large uniform and wore my tights and crocs. The summers new fast-food look. After tanning for a while, Tove Rudi stopped by for dinner. We showed her our work and everything worth seeing at Snadderbuå. After she left, Natalie and I made ourselves food. Check out Gladmaten and Snadderbuå in pictures:

More people

I want one! Artist painting the cathedral, WEARING A HAT!

The entrance

Sabi Sushi’s tent at Gladmaten
Where to go?
Delizio’s Banana split – Gladmat edition
The manager went crazy-fashion
The scar on my left leg is from when I fell on our Preikestolen-hike (the pulpit rock)

The dinner
I heart my chicken nugget

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