Birthday – 2012 edition

So I finally turned 19 years old. A lot of people, at least in my friend circle say that it a useless year as it is just another year of waiting until more can be done in life. This of course referring to getting in to the best places in town and buying beverages with alcohol percentage higher than 22 % to put it that way. For me, this year will be quite special as I am moving, not only out of the house, but to another continent. To another world to be specific. New York, New York. There is now less than a month left, and time is going a little bit too fast for me now.

The last year has been a very educational year for me. It is a year since I became authoritative, and I have had to make several important decisions all by myself. I haven’t needed my parents permission or signatures or anything, and my view on several things have changed. A very educational thing has been completing the last year of the IB Diploma Program. I survived and passed. Thank heavens.

I still remember how we were super excited for finally being old enough to buy our own alcohol and getting into selected clubs and pubs. A LOT of things have changed this year. When I first turned 18, I loved buying as high alcohol percentages as possible as Kalinka and similar alcoholic beverages. We didn’t drink wine, because we didn’t enjoy it and the alcohol levels were too low. Man, times have changed. The parties and clubbing have been replaced with grand dinners with a selection of fine wines and wine is now a tool for relaxation. Champagne is a must for every happy occasion and no one is allowed to confuse Cava with Chapagne! High school is a closed chapter of at least my life. I have no idea where I will be in a year, the feeling is intimidating, but yet fantastic. I have the world in front of my feet and the sky is the limit.

But so how was my birthday 2012 edition? My nineteenth birthday. My last year as a teenager. It was actually one of the best days of my life. I started the day with a delicious cup of tea and had Bernhofts beautiful voice in the background while getting ready for a fantastic day. Right before I left the house, my brother gave me a present from my stepmother and probably my dad as well; a total energy set from the body shop. It was perfect. Just what I needed. Especially for my horrible scars from the Preikestolen-accident. At noon, I met up with my dad and his best friend/colleague at Conoco Phillips in Tananger where they work. They had lunch while I had breakfast – traditional Norwegian food. Couldn’t stop smiling. After having a latte and sharing funny Indian-jokes with each other, I met up with Irmelin in Sola and we took the bus to town together. As most people who knows me might predict, we went to Sjokoladepiken where I had tea and chocolate. As I was the birthday girl, the tea was a birthday present and Irmelin paid for the homemade chocolate filled with peanut butter. As we sat there and shared anecdotes of the previous months, Irmelin got cravings for melted cheese. Kristine came to Sjokoladepiken, I got myself chocolate for the Dark Knight Rises pre-premiere and we went to the ultimate cheese place; Ostehuset (The Cheese House). After having some wine, some toasts and some smiles and girly conversations later, I went to my uncle and soon-to-be-aunts place to attend my family birthday gathering. I arrived to the Norwegian flag hanging and I was welcomed by hugs and more wine. The first pizza was in the oven, and I was informed about the evenings menu. The rest of the family arrived and we sat down by the table to eat. There were 3 types of pizzas: minced meat, delicious pepperoni and spicy meatballs. After the delicious pizza, we were served mouth watering homemade pineapple sorbet. And it didn’t end there, because a birthday celebration requires a birthday cake. I got the devils chocolate cake. It was honestly and seriously the best cake I have ever tasted. I could barely eat it. That is how good it was. And we had some more wine. Then the others left, and we had some more wine.

Later, I went back to town and met up with Hege. We had coffee and Choco Boco and saw The Joker and Harlequin. Considering the massacre in Denver, that was freaky. At midnight we were in the movie theater and ready to watch the pre-premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. And HOLY SHIT what a movie. I love Christopher Nolans inability to make ok or mediocre movies. Everything he does is grand, amazing, impressive and explosive. It is one thing he knows besides making great movies – it is how to blow up things. Big explosions. I love it! The day was perfect. No other words.

Check out my day in pictures

The visitor badge

Wine at Ostehuset
The flag and the Fiat
I found my seat!

The fantastically delicious pineapple sorbet
Birthday present from the hosts! Loved it!

The birthday-girl versace plate

The devils chocolate cake.
Deliciousness in a plate. A Versace plate. A pink Versace plate.
Preparing for The Dark Knight Rises at Choco Boco

I have now concluded my 19th birthday as the best birthday ever.






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