Addicted to coffee

Wow, its been a week since my last post already… Work at Snadderbuå is taking up my entire days, and now I ran away in order to order produce and other food supply for Wednesday. I am currently working around 12 hours every day, if not more, and I don’t have time for anything else than Snadderbuå.

But other things have happened recently, check it out:

I was in the local newspaper recently – for Snadderbuå of course. Click here to see it.

Hege found pictures of us from a page/blog called Konzertjunkie (linked pictures): 

Hahaha, Kaizers Orchestra concert…

The last picture reminds me of how annoyed I was at the girls standing next to me who barely knew who Kaizers Orchestra were, but refused to let other people come forward. Isn’t the front row dedicated to the biggest fans? Maybe not, as we stood at the front the entire day as well…

I picked up my dress from Agape, which I may end up wearing tomorrow as it is my birthday.

And I have managed to replace my daily meals with tea and especially coffee… A LOT of coffee. When the working hours are as long as mine, and amount of sleep is in minus, coffee is a must in order to get through the day. And since I love posting pictures of my coffee here, I will do it again!

This weeks favorite coffee is the Snickers Coffee from Choco Boco in Sølvberget, Stavanger.

And then I instagrammed it:


And then this blog post will end with a picture of myself on the way to Odderøya:

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