I’m moving to New York cuz I’ve got problems with my sleep

That’s what The Wombats stated. Click play to hear them sing it. Might be a good distraction from the useless information in this blog post today.

Today has been all about moving. I wish I was moving to New York now, but no. Not yet. I’ve just cleaned out of my entire room at my grandmothers place and shipped half of my stuff to my dads place. The amount of stuff was unbelievable. I thought that it would take a couple of hours to clean out of my room, as everything was already floating all over the floor, but no. It took two days. I choose to blame Facebook and my broken iPhone for that. They were quite distracting. I also went to a party in-between those two days, maybe that is an affecting factor as well. I have no idea how much or how little stuff I’m gonna end up taking to New York! I get tired of just thinking about that. And I’m already tired enough as I lack 2.5 nights sleep. I’ve got serious sleep-issues. But I’m moving to New York. Listen to The Wombats. But anyways. We got rid of all our furniture except my bed today. At dinnertime I realized that I didn’t have anywhere to sit when consuming my pumpkin mix  with chapati. I ended up at a mattress my grandmother had put out in the living room. It was quite cozy, but still a little uncomfortable. I was starving and ready to dig in. I tore of a piece of the chapati, put some pumpkin in it and took a bite. It felt like my mouth was about to explode. It was definitely the spiciest thing I have had in a very, very long time. It burned like crazy. So i threw my food and had some hot chocolate instead. Tough life, I know. Here’s my day and thoughts in pictures

I ate my dinner at a mattress today. It was weird.
The stuff my dad had to take to his place

While cleaning out, I kept on smiling and thinking about the time we had in Kristiansand. And I really wanted some coffee, but we didn’t have any here. Sad story.

Memoirs of our first cup of coffee in Kristiansand
The coffee shop

While waiting for the milk to heat up, I edited a picture of myself using Path. And I thought I might as well share it here. The picture is taken at my favorite bus, E90, which comes from Egersund, through the University of Stavanger and ends up in town. This was the day I was wearing by bowler hat and ended up buying another hat with Hege. We also went to Bøker og Børst this day.


Looking at this picture reminded me of Hege. And how incredibly weird she is. The picture below is taken right after we came to her place after the Spiderman premiere at Wednesday. She is wearing a banana suit and the ” I prefer the drummer” top from H&M. Man, I love this girl. Enjoy and peace out!

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