Odderøya; The white jacket…again?

After spending 38 hours with Hege, I can now say that I am officially exhausted. We haven’t slept for two nights and we’ve been to 5 concerts; Gabrielle, LidoLido, Honningbarna, Bernhoft with band and Kaizers Orchestra. This was a quite special Kaizers Orchestra concert for both Hege and I, as it was her first concert and this would be my last for quite a while. I’ve been to some concerts with them now; Hove 2011, Rått og Råde 2011, Jærnåttå 2012 and Odderøya 2012. I’ve also worked with Janove Ottesen, the singer, in September 2011 at Demo – the youth show for the international festival for literature and freedom of speech. Then Vegard and I got an intimate concert with him as we was going through the song he was performing later in the show. We also saw Janove Ottesen with the Symphony Orchestra of Stavanger. BUT ANYWAYS.

We went for the Norwegian premiere of The Amazing Spiderman on Wednesday, packed our stuff and stayed the night at Hege’s place. Thursday morning, 5.30 AM, Hege’s father drove us to the train station and we started our journey at 6 AM. At 9 AM, we arrived in Kristiansand and had coffee and explored the city. We ended up having lunch at Peppes Pizza and sat there for quite a while. Later we went to the quay and chilled in the shining sun. When the clock was approaching 4 PM we stood in line for getting in to the festival area which was opening at 4 sharp. Well, it didn’t, we stood outside for 50 minutes, unaware of what was happening of why things were delayed. When getting in to the festival area, we arrived to Gabrielle’s sound check – at this time, her concert was already delayed. After waiting for a long time, her concert started and she was a quite positive surprise. We know her as an artist with annoying songs that sticks to our brains and won’t get out, and the songs are usually listened to by a younger group of people than us. To our big surprise, she had an amazing show and really impressed us. We has a lot of fun during her concert and she has definitely moved up a couple of steps in our musical ladder.

The LidoLido concert quite okay – he loved being on stage and performed his songs with love, and that is enjoyable to watch. As for being the audience, not really being one of his biggest fans, I felt like he had very little contact with the audience. There were several young teenage girls dancing and loving his performance, and for all means, he is very talented, but there is something missing in his performance.

Honningbarna were amazing. They included everyone, made the audience create mosh pits, dance along and were fun to watch. This was the second time I saw them in concert, and this time was even better than the last! They also rigged the stage themselves with help from the stage crew from Odderøya Live, and that was quite fascinating to watch. Hege was so stoked that she couldn’t stand still from the end of the LidoLido concert. They are quite charming with their stage uniforms and sound.

Bernhoft completely blew the audience away with his fantastic voice and made the show even better with having a large band and charming choir ladies. The whole concert was so incredible that I felt sad when it came to an end. I knew almost all of his songs, in contrary to when I saw him and LS2012 and barely knew 2-3 songs. He is incredible. Enough said.

Kaizers Orchestra was the main headliner and the concert I had been looking most forward to for a long, long time. I was extremely excited, as well as a little emotional as I knew that this is probably my last concert in a very long time. I won’t see them again before I am moving, I’ll be gone when they release their concluding masterpiece of the Violeta Violeta Trilogy, and they will probably be on their long break when I get back. They have planned to take a break from the band for some years in order to work on their side/solo projects. The concert was the best Kaizers Orchestra concert I’ve been to; the setlist was incredible and unexpected and the atmosphere in the audience was unexplainable. They played songs like Tokyo Ice Til Clementine and Apokalyps Meg, which are two songs I really love. After the concert, I went to the Bandmerch booth. It was first there I realized that this was my last chance to buy band merchandise before I leave (online shopping just isn’t the same). Of course I had to express this to Kaizers Orchestra’s band merch guy and photographer Arne Bru Haug. Handsome guy, always wearing impressive hats. Check out his pictures/website HERE. And check out my pictures below:

Oh, the irony – Welcome to the city of summer – with a large dark cloud
Having a coffee at a cozy-cozy coffee shop
We saw some native Americans performing in the streets of Kristiansand – quite harmonic and fascinating

Bought a new ring

Chilling at the quay

What we first saw when entering the festival area

Even the singer and guitarist of Honningbarna came to check out Gabrielle (Behind the woman with the yellow top)

Edvard from Honningbarna rigging with his band
Yup, it’s a spoon

Oh, and about the white jacket – those following my blog have probably noticed Janove Ottesens white blazer before. This is the third time I’ve seen him in it, its officially getting on my nerves. Ha ha ha ha he he he hi hi hi ho ho ho hmm

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