The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks

Said Tennessee Williams. Flowers, trees, rocks, art and mountains are recurring themes at the island of Flor og Fjære. They say that the island is the place where the rainbow hit the earth. It may actually be true, considering the colors and the island as a whole. The island is located 20 minutes from Stavanger by boat. When we arrived, we were met by the chef who led us to the garden of palm trees. There we were welcomed by the man behind the gardens, Olav Bryn. He introduced us to the island and we were divided into 3 groups; two Norwegian and one English speaking group for the tour. The island is divided into several gardens with different themes. We started our tour in Klosterhagen (the cloistral garden). There were herbs and other plants growing directly into the mountains there. Throughout the tour, we were served great western-Norwegian humor and advice on how to make our gardens look the somewhat the same. They had actively used the stones and mountains as parts of the setup. After the half an hour tour, we were led into the restaurant for a 3-course meal. The chef was  a hilarious Dutchman with a western sense of humor as well. He appeared to be very passive and negative and just made us laugh throughout the entire presentation of the buffet. We were served a delicious fish-soup containing 4 types of fish, blue mussels and shrimps as an appetizer. The main course contained beef bourguignon, brown trout cooked with saffron and other ingredients, chicken with pasta, salads, more fish and other delights. After eating till we almost broke the chairs, we took a walk around the garden. Or we meant to take a walk and it ended it a photo shoot. After the hour long photo shoot we went back in to the restaurant for dessert and hot beverages. For dessert we were served vanilla panna cotta with caramel and raspberry. Check out the pictures

They had named every single fish Sushi


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