I listen to Pulpit Rock

We took a Sunday-walk to Preikestolen, The Pulpit Rock. A two hour long walk, or actually hike in the mountain. Two hours up and two hours down, so 4 hour long hike. The walk involves gorgeous nature, slippery rocks, stony paths, tough climbs, swimming areas and a whole bunch of lost tourists. I felt bad for wearing joggers instead of my lovely mountain boots, but my conscience cleared when I saw people in sandals, high heels and flat clothing shoes. There was even a girl in ballerina shoes, carrying a Michael Kors handbag. Couldn’t help but smile when I saw her. Anyways. It is a trip recommended for everyone to experience at least once in a lifetime. This time was my fourth. It was also the first time I managed to fall and hurt myself a couple of times. It is a hamless, but tough hike, but one has to be careful. Especially when carrying iPhones and falling. Mine broke. Poor guy. There isn’t really a lot to say about the hike itself, the pictures say a lot more than what I can possibly write.

Where do you want to go?
Climbed the first hill. Now only 164 left.
Stony path. Several of those
View from one of the hilltops
Ashti with the usual Norwegian view
Ashti didn’t manage to take a picture of me, so the matter had to be taken into own hands. Once again.
Norwegian nature, once again
One of the 6 flat paths
There’s a possibility to take a swim before going the last distance
A small break with a dip in the water
A tree. Surrounded by blue sky. Camera: iPhone 4
On our way
Ashti exploring and admiring the nature
Hello Norway
Bye bye airplane
The Pulpit Rock
The Pulpit Rock once again
The two generations
Lysefjorden. Taken with Path – lens: Pro
Being as Norwegian as we possibly can be – eating Lefse
Conquered my fear of heights
Mother-daughter picture with Lysefjorden in the background
Sister time. Lysefjorden is still in the background
Ashti found out that she wanted to climb one of the mountains
The view from “Preikestolhytta”, the hotel at the bottom
The Norwegian flag. Just to remind people where they are. Things get blurry after hiking for over 4 hours.
Ice tea has never tasted as good as it did when we came back down

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