Beach day

I couldn’t sleep yesterday for various reasons. One of them being the nervousness for getting my exam results today. The day started with me being in an incredibly bad and irritable mood. On top of that I had to babysit my sister and her best friend for about 3 hours while waiting for the clock to turn 3. We went to a small beach right down the street and enjoyed the sunny weather for several hours. The water of Hafrsfjord was comfortably cold, but yet warm and I felt the weight on my shoulders slowly relieving while standing in the cooling water. Time flew, and it was time to go home. As we got home, I started to feel really nauseous. My legs turned into jelly and I could barely talk. I got ready, packed the things needed for the barbecue at the beach later and started walking towards the bus stop. The bus came and it felt like the longest bus ride to town ever. I met up with Anita and we walked skeptically and nervously towards school. I have never been as terrified before as I was while walking up the stairs to Heathers office. Anita got her grades first and bursted out in tears. She realized that she was really going to Glasgow this fall, as her spot at the university was conditional. As for myself, I was very disappointed with my results. But, I still had to celebrate an A on my extended essay, the waiting was over and our lives have finally started!

As celebrating if one of my expert areas, Anita and I went to Vinmonopolet (the wine monopoly – yup we have that in Norway) and bought sparkling rosé wine. This was later popped at Vaulen Beach where we met up with several of our other friends. Between the barbecue food, ice cold beers in the sunny weather and the unpredictable conversations, Anita and I couldn’t stop smiling as we were the only ones who knew our results. I hope others getting their IB results tomorrow feel more satisfied than I did. Fingers crossed for every single IB Diploma Program Graduate of 2012.

Check out the pictures from today:


Bucket art
Mina and Ashti at Liapynten
Where did the clouds come from?
Flip flops


And then I met Anita, got our grades and went to Vaulen:

People at Vaulen

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