It’s Sunday again!

Just felt like informing everyone who’s unaware of which day it is today. Like my other Sunday’s, today has been all about doing fun stuff…alone and doing it slowly. So far, I managed to sleep until 10 am today, which is quite unusual. I usually wake up a lot earlier, and considering that I went to bed at 6 pm last night, I slept for quite a while.

Before going to sleep yesterday I worked out and woke up to a stiff body today. That’s one of the best feelings in the world! So, since I didn’t feel enough stiffness in my legs while reading magazines this morning, I decided to take a walk. A long walk. A fast walk. For over 2 hours. And so I did. I took a extra long version of one of my usual Sunday-routes which looks like this: Grannes –> Ullandhaug –> Tjensvoll –> Mosvannet –> Stavanger –> Eiganes –> Tasta –> Stokka –> Madla –> Grannes. When I came home, my feet could barely move and I felt great! So after showering and cleaning my make-up bags, I made myself a snack; carrots with dip. I also made banana milkshake. And it is being enjoyed in this very moment. Along with an episode of Pretty Little Liars. I used to watch it when I visited my family in Michigan, and I lost interest when I came back. It was more fun watching it with others, especially my cousins, who I miss dearly! Watching the fist season again reminds me of the great times we had while watching it. So cheers to that!

The Sunday Morning Magazines
My make up
The Make-up mess
Banana Milkshake
The Pretty Little Liars season 1 DVD

Some pictures from the route (didn’t take any pictures today, as the weather was all grey and I was in a hurry):

From other side of the road of the Ullandhaug Tower
The Ullandhaug Tower
One of the paths in Mosvannet
Stavanger Sentrum – Stavanger Cathedral school and Breiavannet

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