Come summer summer

Well, the sun came, and managed to disappear again. Now were stuck with with a cloudy sky, grey days and rain splashing on the hot ground. We’ve seen the sun a couple of times though, like last month… I’ve been running short on sleep lately, so right now I’m trying to fall asleep by watching Pretty Little Liars. Smart right?

A lot of things are currently happening, and New York is getting closer. I feel like I haven’t done anything useful. I should have been working for about a month now, but things are going very slow at Snadderbuå, and the only thing that remains now is the waiting. Anyways, here’s some of the things I’ve experienced lately:

Summer collage – June edition
Made a delicious snack – strawberries drowned in vanilla yoghurt
Had a club sandwich at Ostehuset (the cheese house) with my cousin Sebastian
Went to Bøker og Børst with Hege
Hege at Bøker og Børst
Went bridal gown shopping with my lovely aunt-to-be
Took a trip to Tau. Here’s the Tau Ferry leaving Tau
Pizza and a movie with the guys at Tau
Tau Mølle – scary shit.
Kin and Emil, where Emil is the current winner
We all went all in – Mathias won that round

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