I fancy the lead singer


The tickets are bought, the train trip is booked and the outfit is all set! The only thing now is the waiting… July 11th is the day when the music festival at Odderøya (outside Kristiansand) opens!!! But so does The Amazing Spiderman, so we chose to prioritize the movie premiere. That led us to taking a train at 6 a.m. on Thursday morning. Smart choice right? Almost as smart as taking a train to Stavanger at 5 a.m. – what we call in the middle of the night.

Odderøya is an island, located outside Kristiansand. This used to be a part of the venue for the Quart festival. There are several cultural venues occurring at Odderøya as well as cultural history.

The artists we are going to watch in concert are:

(If you click on the images, you go straight to their websites)

Kaizers Orchestra

To read the interview with LidoLido click here


This will be Hege’s very first Kaizers Orchestra concert and I am super excited for her! It would have been a true tragedy if she would have been to her first Kaizers concert without me as Kaizers has been “our thing”. She is also a huge fan of Honningbarna, and I’m starting to like them! There’s something about Norwegian rock. I believe it rules.. Haha… So here’s a sneak peak of what I will be wearing at the festival. The funny thing is that Hege has the same blazer in turquoise, and the same top in white with another font stating: I prefer the drummer. How ironic that we will be dressing so similar, but still so different this day.

The top.
The top with blazer

To see how the Hove festival was last year – click here

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