This day has been one of the craziest days in a long, long time! We started the day with coffee at Bøker og Børst in Stavanger. After learning a lot of useless, but cool information by playing Idiotkunnskap (idiot knowledge), we went to Sandnes to meet up with the famous Markus Bredal. For everyone acquainted with Markus, it is a known fact that whenever he’s around, something crazy and unexpected happens. Or he just does something very stupid. That happened today as well, as one of Rogalands most dangerous combos were together today; Hege and Markus. We went on top of a mountain and barbecued 3 different types of sausages; spicy cheese, bacon with cheese and a “Krakower” – sausage with coriander and garlic – delicious and recommendable. After Markus has repeated how incredibly “cozy” it was at least 12 times, he decided to have a photo shoot with Hege’s camera. When that became too boring, he decided along with Hege that a nude photo shoot would be cool. And so he got naked. I did not want to be a part of this, so I decided to enjoy the sun while their were doing their thing. And of course when I looked up to see what they did – I got an unwanted view as Markus was lying down on the rock.

After the photoshoot, they found out that they wanted to go down to the water. Without leaving the mountain. Therefore going straight down the mountain wall. And of course they had to take my precious iPhone with them on that journey. Luckily they all came back as one piece. Some more damaged than others. When the mountain had been climbed a couple of times, Hege wanted to climb the trees. And so she did. Markus did it as well. I just stood there looking at them and replying and doing my duty every time they demanded me to take pictures of them.

When they felt like they had done everything that was possible to do on that mountain, we ate ice cream. And then had a short trip to Sandnes before I went home.

The day in pictures:

Sign worth taking a picture with

The view from our spot
The view from the Hommersåk quay
Markus taking pictures of himself
Hege taking pictures of Markus
Markus got naked
Still naked…
Markus thinks he is superman
After the photoshoot, they found out that belly buttons are incredibly fascinating
And then putting cherries in their belly buttons was funny…
Still there
And then they climbed the mountain
Markus doing his usual thing
That’s me up there
“Let’s pretend to be friends” – Hege
Hege on the top of the tree
Hommersåk “town”

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