What an adventure!

I’m back in Stavanger from my short holiday in Oslo. I experienced a lot, and here is some of it:

Thursday: arrived after my moms photo session in the garden with Kathrine Sørland dressed in a sari with the neighbors

When the residents of Bråtenalleen starts raking, Kathrine Sørland suddenly appears for a photoshoot. Good thing I arrived after this.

Friday: I made some delicious cupcakes which were to be eaten at the street party – where everyone living in Bråtenalleen gathered for barbecuing and some bubbly in the glass. This was also the day before midsummer day, so we had not only one, but two bonfires and gathered around one of them, under a giant umbrella as it was raining. In the middle of the night.

The two generations – mother and daughters

Saturday: We went went to Ramme Gaard. “We” being myself, my mom, Heidi Bakken, Frode Stang and his son Emil. We also met Petter Olsen, the owner of the place. Read more and check out the pictures here. This was during the annual Shakespeare Festival, so we managed to watch the play The Tempest being performed by fantastic British actors. We also met the actors afterwards while they where dressed in big t-shirts and baggy shorts, drinking beer and smoking. A priceless view after having seen them in Shakespeare’s spectacular characters.

I managed to take a picture of myself, without really being aware of that I was taking a picture. This is anyways the result of that.
Some of the spectacular views at Ramme Gaard

Sunday: We went on a walk up Grefsenkollen. The goal was getting to the top for then eating at the restaurant. Which was closed. Probably because there had been a music festival that weekend… So we went to Egon Restaurant at Storo and ate instead. The rest of the night was spent in good company with good food!

Our delicious dinner: marinated salmon, couscous with plenty of vegetables, home made tzatziki and olives.

Monday: We went shopping. First by purchasing pre-premiere tickets to The Dark Knight rises. The rain was pouring down, so we decided that we wanted to go to the movies after a loooong time spent in Zara. After having seen Prometheus, we went home to read what is was all about. Found a great blog explaining the movie here. After spending about 15 minutes at home, we went to Per Christian Ellefsen, who lives right down the street, for a barbecue. The simple barbecue ended up in a 8-man party, with a large assortment of food. We stayed there for wine, food, dessert and coffee before going on a drink at Geir Hamnes’ place. After having a drink, we went home and watched Vampires Suck. What a movie… It was both hilarious and terribly bad. I had to cool down my nerves by watching Batman Begins after 2 very heavy movies. I managed, for the very first time, to fall asleep during this movie. I honestly did not know that was possible, and I apologize to all superhero fans like me. I believe it was a result of the long days with little sleep and the fact that I started the movie at 2.30 AM.

Bought this skirt which I have been in the search of for months!
A collage of the 5 days spent in Oslo

Tuesday: had an amazing slice of bread with salmon for breakfast. Took the bus to the airport. Met Kirsten Kjøsen. The flight was delayed (as always with Norwegian), but it was okay as I had great company. And then I came home. And went out again.

I also had to buy a new iPhone case today as my previous one looks pretty abused. Poor thing, lived a tough life.

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