Ramme gaard

What a place. About 30 minutes south of Oslo. A private garden open for the public a couple of times each year. We were there in the occasion of the annual Shakespeare festival, where play The Tempest was being performed by “imported” British actors this evening. The surroundings and atmosphere gave the feeling of being a place W. Shakespeare could only dream of. As you probably notice, I barely have any words. Check out the pictures. For more information about the place – click here

What we first saw when entering the theatre area
What I dreamt of last night.
Petter Olsen, the owner og Ramme Gaard and one of the actors welcoming the audience
Our view the seconds before the play started.
Antonio and his men escaping from the tempest
Prospero and Caliban
Ferdinand and the spirit Ariel

The monster with four legs
Caliban with Stephano and Trinculo
Miranda and Ferdinand
Standing in front of the storm

A statue – The Devil?
Den forbudte have – The forbidden garden. Yup, we went there.
The path
Flowers. Pretty flowers.

Contemplation on the bench in paradise
Meet my friend Joe. Great guy.
When my mom does not have the capability of taking clear pictures with an iPhone, the matter has to be taken in own hands

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