The class of 2012 has left the building

We finally graduated yesterday! Even though the IB has had summer holidays for a month now, some of the Norwegian students had their last exam yesterday. But for many of us, yesterday was still an important day!

The day started with me going to school and helping the organizers blow up 150 blue and white balloons. A painful and exhausting experience. After doing so, the bus took me straight home where I had to complete the movie I was showing in the evening. After stressing like crazy over that, I had to run down to our new apartment and screw together the furniture which had just arrived. An hour later I ran back up to our house, did my makeup in a hurry, forgot to do anything to my hair and went straight to Agape. There I finally got some time to catch my breath while having the lovely Caroline dress me up in a gorgeous, summery party-dress.

The evening was absolutely perfect. There’s really nothing like seeing Sondre and Øyvind coming dripping wet, only wearing a towel on stage. The entertainment was spectacular, the hosts were hilarious, the house band was incredible, the teachers were unbelievable, the prices were praiseworthy and the students were all pretty. After handing out certificates for having attended St Olav vgs (not the diploma’s), prices were handed out for outstanding students. Here’s how that went:

 The students honors price: Njål Kleppe-Madland – very well deserved!

The school environment price – Ludwig Lahmeyer – even the equipment at school showed how sad it was for that this would be Ludwig’s last event at St Olav.

Scholarship on 20 000 NOK: Lasse Samuelsen Bø for being the student with best results academically. I heard rumors about that his russ-name was considered being 6.0, which is the highest possible grades one can get in the Norwegian school system.

Scholarship on 10 000 NOK: Jørgen Torstensen. For being the only IB student who made everyone else feel really bad for not studying enough. And for knowing more than the syllabus required at all times.

The St Olav awards – this award was given to 4 students including a scholarship on 2500 NOK each. The students who got this award was the “ideal” St Olav student; showing good academic results as well as taking parts in several extracurricular activities. Given to:

Jan Petter Neverdahl

Edel Amanpreet Singh (oh, well…)

Nikolai Wiencke

Øyvind Osjord

They say that girls are “better” in the academic area than the guys. Well, not at St Olav. I am quite proud of being the only girl who managed to get a scholarship! No words!

Enough words – picture time:

The band: Åsmund Berge Jenssen, Martin Lervik, Oswalso Perez Garcia, Jørgen Torstensen

The dripping wet hosts: Sondre Barkli and Øyvind Osjord

Speech by principal Finn Gabrielsen

The school even got a present from a very talented student

Russepresident Stephanie Owusu held a speech as wellØyvind got some help from IB-coordinator Heather ArnesenIngrid Hegland had written a song about St Olav. Absolutely hilarious.

Vilde Johannesens performance of Colors of the wind was breathtaking. Even the technical equipment expressed its awe.

Haavard Vatland Hvidsten is known for being able to juggle with 11 balls in the air at the same time.
Environment teacher Åge held a speech and handed out some awardsThe Students Honors award went – by no surprise – to the FANTASTIC Njål Kleppe Madland. Well deserved! 

He even got a standing ovation

Ludwig got the environment award for always being at all possible events as the “technical guy”. He has probably spend more time at school these years than the teachers only by working. 

The cafetera ladies Anne Lise and Tone got presents for their contribution of making us survive these 3 years at St Olav. The janitors got presents as well. 

Jørgen Torstensen on guitar. Receiver of 10 000 NOK scholarship

Principle Finn Gabrielsen handing out certificates to studentsAnd under we have the vice-principal giving our St Olav awards. 

And then we went to a beach party at XLNT

A very proud scholarship receiver with an expensive dress and a beer bought by Jørgen.In the picture below you see me with Trygve Denstad who was my geography teacher two years ago. A great man. He was also my mother teacher, but you seriously can’t tell!

And here’s a full view of the Agape dress I wore yesterday:

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