A little piece of Norway

Et lite stykke Norge – the slogan for Norwegian milk chocolate. Owned by Americans, consumed mostly in Europe, especially Norway and probably Spain. I came to think about this chocolate now, and my penchant for this wonderful consumable good.

But anyways. This day has been quite interesting. Over 6 hours has been spent in a train. 2  hours have been spent shopping. 1 hour has been spent on Kristiansand’s municipality’s service center and 30 minutes have been spent admiring Stavanger. Yup, I went to Kristiansand, which is also known as one of the summer-cities as it is a lovely place to visit during the summertime. Even lovelier than Kristiansand itself, is the journey from Stavanger to Kristiansand. I should have taken more pictures, but I was too busy studying for my test today – the establishers test for running a restaurant/serving place. I took the test at the Kristiansand’s service center, entered the building nervous like crazy – I was seriously laughing at every bad joke the lady behind the desk said. And trust me, even for my cracked up and dry humor – they were bad. Luckily, by being as super structured as the IB Diploma Program has forced me to become, I went in to the tiny room and nailed the 50-question test. I even got a certificate.

I had planned to take more pictures on my way home, but then I didn’t get a window seat. Didn’t think about that on my way over. What a bummer. But here’s some of the pictures I managed to capture from my day-trip.

A little geographical information; Norway is a part of the Caledonian mountain range, thereby all the mountains in Norway. The whole country is almost one big mountain, at least it might look like that in some pictures. Jæren is famous for the flat area. Like Denmark-flat, and that is flat! Several Norwegians and tourists take the train through Jæren only to see the amazing landscape – at least that what the lady sitting next to me at the train said.

In the picture below, you see that the train had passed Jæren and we now passed some mountains. I called this one for Oddleif.

Norway is also known for all the wood, tree’s and forests, here’s one.

And this is what Kristiansand looks like. Yup, the entire city.

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