Chilling in the freezer

What a start to an extremely busy week! I woke up early to meet people from Henning Olsen Ice Cream at Snadderbuå. They were quite late, so I decided to send Hege some pictures of me everywhere inside Snadderbuå while waiting. In the picture above you can see me chilling in the freezer. That was…. chill. On my way to Snadderbuå, the weirdest thing happened on the bus. Almost everyone who came on the bus smiled to me. Norwegians aren’t known for their smiling and happy behavior, especially not when the weather is all grey and wet. There’s something fishy going on in Stavanger….

Right now I should be studying for my test tomorrow, but I found eating the famous strawberries from Joa a lot more pleasing at the moment. The time pressure is on as well, as I am attending dinner at my uncle’s place tonight. But well, I’ll probably be on track tomorrow. Literally – the trip to Kristiansand, where I will be taking the test, will take 3 hours by train. And then 4 hours there before the 3 hour long journey back to Stavanger.

Meanwhile, this is me by the fuse box

This is me by the wall next to the sink

This is my necklace

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