Concerts, nachos and establishment

This weekend has been packed with plenty of things to do. My grandma got the key to our new apartment on Friday, so we went out and celebrated that on Friday after I had been to the dentist….again. I am completely convinced that my dentist is trying to kill me as my mouth is still hurting. I had plenty of things to do on Friday, but it ended with me lying in bed the rest of the day after having soup and cake with my grandma and her best friend.

Saturday was a quite special day. Statoil hosts a free concert every year called “Til Byen” (To the town), and we had to watch this. This year the performers were Stavanger Symfoniorkester (The symphony orchestra of Stavanger, also called SSO), Janove Ottesen with SSO, Staut, Ingening and Cir.Cuz. Hege and I kept the good mood and kept on dancing despite the pouring rain and quiet crowd. This resulted in us being on the big screen several times as the camera man on stage seemed to find us quite interesting. The concert lasted for about two hours and was hosted by Ingvill Bjorland and Jorunn Hodne. In the picture below you see them interviewing 4 (you see 3, but there are 4) teenagers who are playing with Stavanger Symfoniorkester. Apparently the orchestra picks out new young talents every year who get to play with them. This year it was these 4: Julie Nilsen Frøystein, Mathilde Natlandsmyr, Pernille Svendsen, and Sebastian Dankel.

The conductor of SSO this day came all the way from London where he usually conducts in the Royal Albert Hall. I did not catch his name and neither did any of the newspapers which covered this day. In the picture under you see Janove Ottesen talking to the audience between the songs Hjerteknuser and Drøm Videre Violeta with the orchestra and conductor in the background.Janove Ottesen SSO

The two last songs did not require Ottesen to play piano – so he stood up and did his usual Kaizer-thing. Only this time he used Stavangers Symphony Orchestra instead of Kaizers Orchestra. Man he’s got a lot of orchestras to play with. This picture is taken during Svarte Katter og Flosshatter. Watch Stavanger Aftenblads video of it here. I had just gotten used to the thought that I will never ever hear the song Dieter Meyers Inst. live, when he suddenly announced that they were playing it. My body seriously shivered while listening to it. I filmed it as well, but unfortunately you hear Hege’s cracked up voice more than anything else on that video (just because she’s sick). It was truly a magical moment and I bet all Kaizers Orchestra fans present during this song agrees.

After Janove and SSO left the stage, the Norwegian rap-dup Cir.Cuz entered. Hege and I danced and screamed like crazy even though we only knew like one of the songs they performed. The duo saw us and smiled, but not as much as the cameraman. 

After the rap duo had completed their part of the show, a Norwegian countryside rock band came on stage: Staut. We barely understood a word of what the singer was singing,  but we danced along and had the time of our lives. The music was quite special, but it was cool. The singer shared that he’s from the countryside of Norway – Valdres and apparently owns a horse and 4 cows. Good entertainment!

And then these guys came on stage; Ingenting (translated: Nothing). Special guys from Austrått in Sandnes. The entire show was special. Very special. But is was fun, so we danced along. Hege knew some of the songs and the camera man seemed to enjoy the fact that she only knew some parts, so he got us on the big screen while we were laughing like crazy. The picture below pretty much describes their entire concert. Badass band.

After the concert we gathered some friends, had nachos and played music together. I of course had to show of my guitar skills and ended up on the piano (no I do not play any of the instruments).

Today has been all about work and now I am going to study for “etablererprøven” which is an exam all entrepreneur establishing their own business concerned with food and serving have to take. I am taking mine on Tuesday and got the book today so now it’s cramming time.

2 thoughts on “Concerts, nachos and establishment

  1. The conductor’s name is Nick Davies. But to claim that he usually conducts in the Royal Albert Hall must be an exaggeration….

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