Passion for Fashion

Today my good friend Birte came over. We both share a passion for fashion and a great sense of humor. Birte agrees.I can tell you a couple of things about Birte to give you a better understanding of who she is. She will be attending Ringerike Folkehøyskole this fall where she will be studying Fashion and Design. We have big plans together for the future and you might see more of us in some years. Her birthday is on the 17th of May which is also the constitution day of Norway. She prefers wearing flats as she is quite tall and loves super skinny jeans, but does not mind wearing leather skirts, spangle skirts and simple black and/or white skirts. Another noticeable thing about Birte is that she talks with an eastern Norwegian dialect and loves Oslo, where we will be going together in the end of July.

Today we’ve been discussing fashions and our future plans. She brought her two piece “The Bible of Fashion”; 100 contemporary Fashion Designers edited by Terry Jones. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the two books:

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