Cupcake inspiration by Janne Karlsen

The events at Agape are all a must for me to attend, and who can resist cupcakes? Especially when you get the possibility to taste them. This is what our eyes glued themselves onto when we walked in to dress-heaven. 

And of course the second best thing this day: dresses. These aren’t all of them of course.

After having a glance on the dresses, we continued our quest on discovering what we were about to learn and watch this evening.

After looking around, Janne started her presentation where she gave some amazing advice and demonstrated how easy it is making pretty and impressive cupcakes. She had also brought a white-marzipan cake.

After the presentation, we could try decorating cupcakes as well as tasting everything she had brought all the way from Kristiansand. Everyone were welcome to talk to her and get her advice on both making and storing the cupcakes.

The shoes below are on my birthday wish list if anyone’s curious… 
Under, you see Alvilde’s fantastic multicolored rose on the cupcake. A hidden talent found!

And we got gift bags containing a silk shawl, a t-shirt and recipes.

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