The last week in our house

We’re moving soon and things just started to get serious in our house. I had to pack up half of my room today as we’re getting the keys to our brand new apartment on Thursday. It is a sad thing that this won’t be me view when going home anymore…

Anyways, Hege came by today and we ended up at a lovely café in town called Sjokoladepiken (the chocolate girl). It’s well known for its chocolates and their cocoa.

They are also famous for their location – in the colorful street of Stavanger; Øvre Holmegate. 

Where this is the view from the window seats in the café.

This is some of the chocolate they offer

And it’s always a pleasure when you are fronted with Holly Golightly – from Breakfast at Tiffany’s which is one of my favorite movies

They also had a pleasing assortment of teas as well as a box of Kaizers Orchestra chocolate. This box costs 695 NOK where you get chocolate based on the tastes of the characters Violeta, Beatrice, Kenneth and Isabella Conradas. You also get the album Violeta Violeta Volume II as well as the script of the play Sonny in the box.

We ended up with eating an amazing cake, Hege had their well-known hot chocolate while I had an amazing mexican mango tea. And before we left we also had chocolate covered salted peanuts. 

Yet another great day.

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