That Sunday feeling

Sundays have always been a working-day for me. The only day in the week when I actually worked, until recently. At first I had no idea what to do or where to go on Sunday’s as it is almost impossible to get anywhere. When the bus only goes once an hour, going somewhere far seems quite unattractive. But lately I have made Sundays the Edel-day where I only do things for myself. This usually involves hair-treatments, watching a classic movie, applying nail polish, reading magazines or my fashion box and maybe take a long walk somewhere.

Yesterday my 71 year old grandma came home with an iPad, so most of the day was dedicated to teaching her how to use it. She is almost repellent to technology, so it was hard, but we’re getting there!

We also took in some flowers from the garden today. 

And it is almost impossible to have a relaxation day in the sunny weather without strawberries. Skipped the chocolate as an attempt of being healthy.

And then the skincare and haircare started: This is one of the best scrubs on the market. I use it almost daily and it makes my skin feel super-soft and smooth. The apricot scrub by St Ives is superb as well!

I got these haircare products from Wella a while ago, but haven’t used them until today. My hair suddenly turned a lot more voluminous, so that just proved that this series works.

Chanel is a vital part of having a girly day, and this one is one of my favorites:

This body lotion by Swarovski smells amazing and contains crystals. It is highly and truly loved and follows me everywhere I go.

Now we are preparing for tea-time before watching Coco avant Chanel, as I love both French movies and Coco Chanel. What a great Sunday so far!

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