The summer is over in Stavanger, and it’s time to take out the umbrellas and rain boots. It has been raining for several days, as well as the temperature has reached its half-life from the last couple of weeks. The fall came as early as the summer did…

In other news, Snadderbuå will be opening soon, hopefully in two weeks and we have loads of work to do, but we’re getting there! The forms and contracts for my studies in New York have also been filled out, scanned and are officially ready to be sent off!

August is getting closer and I am super excited! Can’t wait to get to New York! Here are some pictures from my last visit to the Big Apple, which also was my first visit:

Which again reminded me about the rest the summer holidays of 2010:

And I had the most amazing birthday – here’s the breakfast:

When I made a collection called Arm Candy for Bombayfashions. Here’s the “behind the scenes”:

While dreaming about New York, these last days have been all about working, not sleeping, working some more, and watching superhero movies while eating too much chocolate and chips. The picture below is from when Hege and I watched The Green Lantern yesterday. 

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