Great day.

After finally getting my phobia out of my chest, or fingers, Hege and I went on a shopping day. Well, more of a round trip day. We met up in Stavanger, took a train to Klepp, where we had never really been before, at least not at the station. We took the bus to Jærhagen – the mall at Klepp and ate brunch there. We tried to be healthy, but that darned sugar always seem to follow our every meal. We later explored the entire mall after gazing at the quite special people wandering there. There was a young woman – probably in the middle of her twenties, walking around with a pacifier in her mouth. Sadly, she was walking with her friend and there were no children anywhere close to her.

We also discovered that the female population in Klepp was somewhat heavier than the one in the city and Bryne. This might be a result of the type of women who go shopping during the afternoon. We also managed to get persuaded to buy an amazing chocolate from an interior store at Jærhagen. We could feel the pain of the wallets after that purchase.

We got tired of Klepp and decided to take the first bus that passed us and just go where the bus took us. We ended up in Sandnes, where we decided to take a trip to Bryne. Just when we thought we had seen everything worth seeing in Bryne, we discovered some new, amazing shops there; Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Min Butikk, another very sweet store with interior and clothing. We later went to M44 on the café Mezzanin, where I had a Chai Latte and Hege ordered their special iced coffee made of espresso, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. We truly enjoyed these drinks with the chocolate before noticing that people were leaving the shopping mall with huge amounts of Pepsi Max. People had either 3, 6 or 9 packets of 4 bottles in their shopping carts, and we just couldn’t understand why. There were even people who had stacked up bottles and nothing else. Others had Pepsi max and Norvegia Cheese. Only a few had bought other groceries than Pepsi max. Hege started taking pictures of the people and their shopping carts, while I was Instagramming the whole setting (username: edelsingh). The whole situation was extremely fascinating!

We later discovered that the sale of Pepsi max was understandable – 12 bottles for 100 NOK. No wonder that people were stacking up these bottles, but seriously. This gave an image of how much soda the Norwegian household buys. There were some who bought 9 packets of bottles – 36 bottles – 54 liters of Pepsi Max. Crazy.

I decided to have a budget today and not really buy anything, but of course that didn’t happen. Ended up with two new necklaces from my least favorite store in the world: KappAhl. 90 % of the clothes are hideous in my opinion, but they do have pretty accessories!

This is apparently how often the buses go from Klepp station

Dessert after Brunch

My new necklaces from KappAhl

My beloved heels from Bryne 

The chocolate

At Mezzanin

And then Hege started her stalking…

At the end I can amuse you with Hege’s comments today: I asked her where Gothenburg is, only to test her, as I know geography isn’t her strongest side. She started listing up different countries in Europe – where she also managed to state that Paris was a country. In the end she realized it was in Sweden as the packaging was mainly in Swedish and English. Now a new goal has been set – teaching her where a new country is every day for the rest of my time in Norway.

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