Busy bee

Vacation’s over – time to get to work. The current work which is being focused on is the opening of Snadderbuå and designing a collection of clothes! Staying focused these days is surprisingly easy and things are being done efficiently. Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve managed to do since Sunday: walk from Grannes to Hinna in order to buy Hege some food, but end up leaving the house with the wrong card, eat dinner with my almost aunt Elisabeth and uncle Hakki, took a trip to Bryne – only for buying a newspaper, go to Norway’s biggest shopping mall, Kvadrat, and stay there for a while (first time in several years – as I have Kvadrat-phobia), watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s for probably the hundredth time and hang out with my best ginger boy Nick. Super efficient…

After sending several mails and applications to the municipality for Snadderbuå, I’m now starting to fill out my form to the Integrated Learning Center in New York. When this is done and sent, I will officially be a student of ILC and Gateway College!

For now, I am enjoying the evening with dark chocolate and Pukka After Dinner tea.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days – some of these are from Jærbladet who wrote an article about Michelle and I in connection with the Kaizers Orchestra concert on Saturday. Read the article here.

This is the fantastic chocolate I bought today – dark chocolate with pecan nuts and sea salt

Here’s the shot glasses I bought after the concert on Saturday

The cover of JærbladetThe article inside Jærbladet – got the biggest picture

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