Jærdagene, so far, have been a mix of what I expected and a little bit of the unexpected. After reading the history, I thought that the stands would only consist local merchandise, but it turned out quite international. There were possibilities to buy food, things and candy from several European countries. There were of course local stands as well, with food and produce with local origin. It was even possibilities to buy farm animals like horses, chickens, wild boars, goats and rabbits. The football team – Bryne FK was also represented, and we saw them singing their anthem as well as “Traktorsangen” – The tractor song. This was something that reminded us that we really are are on the country side…

Even though there were things to experience at Bryne, the weekend didn‘t go after the plan. On Friday I had planned to be at Bryne around 2 and then spend about two hours figuring out where everything was, before going to a friend’s house to barbecue. On my way there, I met up with Sondre and Markus and ended up with a guided tour of the worlds largest plough manufacturer at Øksnavadsporten. Looking around and figuring out where everything was took us 10 minutes, as well as our friend who was supposed to host the barbecue, had double booked himself and wasn’t at home. This made us jump on the regional train and end up at Egersund. You can read more about what happened there in the previous guest post by Markus by clicking here.

On Saturday, Hege and I went early to Bryne for breakfast. We met up with Sondre and Markus, and then later with Michelle, Daman, Alf and Caroline. I was stressed out most of the day as I was waiting for replies by the artists of this day. The interview of LidoLido will be posted later today. We walked… and walked…. and walked, saw the LidoLido concert… and then we decided to walk some more, before going to Sondre’s place. On our way, we got a sightseeing tour of Kverneland, where I had never been before. Great tour. Great guide.

After chilling out at his place for a while, we went back to Bryne and started to mentally prepare ourselves for the Kaizers Orchestra concert. We found Miriam, who came all the way to Bryne from Grimstad and went on a concert by Vind i Gardhol. They turned out to be surprisingly catchy and as Jærbu and creative as they are – they used the sound of sawing a plank in their music.

Then the Kaizers Orchestra concert started after almost an hour of waiting. The concert was explosive from start to the very end and we managed to get quite a lot of contact with the band. Markus has made himself familiar with the band by always standing in the front row, screaming like crazy. Janove stared at me for some time, while standing on the oil drum, I waved to him, he smiled and waved back. Geir also seemed to see us a couple of times, but couldn’t wave back as he was playing guitar. Markus was trying to get Geir’s attention at a point, and ended up by getting Terje and Janove’s attention and they bursted out in laughter. What a great concert! We also managed to get ourselves interviewed buy the local newspaper, which was one of my life goals – get an article in Jærbladet.


Vind i Gardhol

Hello Kaizers!

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