Guest post by Markus Bredal

Guest post-or something- I don´t know what it´s called

Yesterday Edel, Hege, Sondre and I (Markus) decided to go to Bryne to hang out at a thing called “the Jaeren days”, which is basically a big market through the main street with a few people in the middle between all the… I don`t know what it`s called…Market-sales-something. Anyway Bryne isn`t a very huge place, and it is a place where you get surprised if you see more than five people in the main street at 4 o´clock on a normal day. Surprisingly there was a queue in the mall, which according to Hege had never happened before. We were in the first place going to Daman or something to have a barbeque and some beers, but since it was a hell of a long way to go, and we all were bored, I came up with the brilliant idea to just take the train to Egersund.

Egersund is located half an hour south of Bryne by train… If I haven´t said it clear enough. IT´S FUCKING NOWHERE. Just for fun and why not, according to me. I wanted to go to Moi, which is even more far away, but if I had done that I would still have been there, So we went camping in Egersund. Hege and I found a huge river with a lot of stones and boulders in it, and we wanted to go there and do the camping on a boulder, but Sondre and Edel refused… so we went to a children´s playground instead. I was a bit sugar-high if that is a phrase, so I decided to just… do things. I tried over 15 times to get on top of a log or something which laid across the top of a swing-thing. Sondre did it in his first try, than did it twice again just to make me annoyed, but eventually I made it to the top. I am 187 centimeters high and have a very… special body control, so it looked funny.

Later on I found out that I wanted to pimp my hot dog up a little, so I put a piece of chocolate, ketchup on top of that, a jellycoke and another jelly-thing on top of that again, We decided to make a new column on Edel´s blog. It is going to be called “Markus´ gourmet corner. I continued my gourmet-things by mixing coke, ice tea, lime-flavoured beer, water, ketchup and for some reason SAUSAGE JUICE. I mean the juice that is left in the sausage package when all the sausages are eaten. It tasted…weird. After that I mixed beer, ice tea, some melted bits of chocolate and ketchup, and it tasted a lot betterm though it looked like puke. we got it on tape.

Then was this brilliant idea by Hege and I. We were going to get out in the river and get to this huge boulder by jumping on the stones. First after a couple of minutes my foot slipped and went under. Hege laughs a bit, then I hear a scream and a huge splash. I turn around, and then I see Hege lying in the river, holding on to a stone. I laughed so hard I almost whept my pants, which was wet and cold, so it would actually have been great… But just a minute or so afterwards I face-planted into the water. In the middle og a fucking river in fucking Egersund. Hege decided to just go with the flow and she was just taken by this huge wave of water. In the middle of all this we didn´t bother to take our clothes off, so I was basically swimming with my cellphone and my wallet in my shorts. I looked to the … i don´t know what it is called, the piece of earth on the side of the river, and all I saw was Sondre laughing hard. Eventually we reached the boulder, with all our clothes on, soaked. And then there was the return, which did go better than the other way for my part. Hege had to swim again. Soaked I sat down on the train, with all the parts of my cellphone in-line in the window.

Sondre and I said goodbye to the others and went for the bus, which had gone for a minute ago. We ended up walking home to Sondre, soaked and freezing cold. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT

peace and love ❤ Markus

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