Crisis in Norway – relax, he’s left the country!

There are many things happening in Norway right now. Over 50 000 workers are striking, Norway’s Tooji ended up in the bottom of the Eurovision Song Contest and this is the respective exam period for Norwegian students. Oh, yes, Justin Bieber just left Norway.

On Tuesday, the arrival hall on the airport was filled with Beliebers, and his fan crowd continued all the way to the hotel he was supposed to live in. Several police-officers are currently on a strike, and the Beliebers have been creating chaotic conditions in Oslo. They have been following cars which he may have been seated in, and this has led to the police having to put up fences in the city. The Beliebers are a threat to Justins health as well as their own, leading to a cancellation of the press conference and fan meeting which was supposed to occur yesterday.

Now Justin Bieber is on his way to Paris after a free concert by the Opera house in Oslo. Looking at the chaos he created, one can ask; what creates these immense reactions? Normal girls do quite surprising actions in order to see their teenage idol. The worst thing is the effect these girls have on each other. A couple of crazy-screaming can make the thousands of other girls scream. People even tried to reach him with boats during the concert. Is this really crazier than the Beatles-mania?

It’s not that I don’t like Justin Bieber, because I do. I just don’t want to be close to his screaming fans.

Check out VG’s pictures from Justin’s visit here

2 thoughts on “Crisis in Norway – relax, he’s left the country!

  1. Well, if you have seen any Michael Jackson´s concert (either LIVE or on video) then you should know how crazy those concerts may get.

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