Interviewing LidoLido

For Jærdagene I am interviewing Lidolido amongst others. This 19 year old rapper, will have two concerts during the music festival; a free concert during the daytime on Saturday and another one during the evening as a part of Jærnåttå.

Lidolido’s real name is Peder Losnegård, brought up at Frakkagjerd, a place near Haugesund. He is also my fantastic soon-to-be aunt’s nephew. Peder is known for putting up a lot of food pictures on Instagram – where those photos are supposed to represent everything he eats during the day. He is also known for producing larger parts of his music himself and has long hours in the studio.

It is possible to follow him several places like: twitter,  his website, myspace, his blog, instagram username: @LidoLidoOfficial

The interview will probably be posted by the end of the week.

More info and discography here


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