The joys of family events

Every family has different traditions and ways of doing things. I like to believe that our family is like all others, but still, we are quite unique. The uniqueness I believe comes from my dear aunt Silje who makes the most fantastic cakes in the world! My uncle, no other than Dj Prince, who loves showing off what he’s been working on the last weeks, giving great ideas and advices sometimes. We have their oldest son, Sebastian, he’s so talented that I’m not going to say anything else than, check out his music here. He is also the one who made my header. Sean, his younger brother is the entertainer in the family. He always knows how to make people laugh and does a lot of weird things… Jasmin on the other hand, the youngest of my cousins, she is the mentally oldest of us all. She is the one who takes care of the 1046 children that come at the family events. She also loves photography and is just fantastic in every way.

During our family events, we have more people coming from my aunt’s side. It is always a joy to see how the children have grown so immensely during the last months. We only meet up at the different birthdays, which are spread throughout the year.

Check out the pictures from Sean’s 12th birthday party

Usually we eat too much cake, chat and mingle. 

Sean and his cousin Alexandra

The superwomen in our family – Merete and my aunt Silje

The wonderful Jasmin

This is what really happens during our family events. Here you see my wonderful, soon-to-be-aunt who is recording some chords for a remix. The consequences of having a super-talented musical family. There’s always some work involved in all family gatherings.

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