The celebration

The day which had been awaited for 13 years was finally here! We did celebrate at school with sparkling wine, but of course that was not enough! Therefore we gathered many of the graduating students at Mogul India Restaurant and thereafter had the nightclub XLNT opened exclusively for us.

But before getting any of those places, Marie and I got ready and prepared our song at her place. It’s called IB Baby and has the melody of Justin Bieber’s baby. When performing the song at Mogul India, people seemed to laugh and truly enjoy it!

The restaurant was packed with smiling faces and empty stomachs! After everyone had eaten at least 2 portions, the entertainment started! Our lovely IB coordinated started the show with a wonderful speech! She also handed out roses to students who stood out during these two years. I ended up with 4 roses! My dear Marie got 3 and the rest of my fellow outstanding IB students got 1. Yup, rubbing it in. After Heather’s speech, Marie and I sung our IB Baby. Still cannot believe how successful that project ended up to be… Then our fantastic CAS advisor, Mette Dagsland, held a speech. Followed by a song by our counsellor and English B teacher Bjørn. After the amazing song about our time at the IB, I held a speech before Sondre and Jørgen sung Postgirobygget’s song called Idyll. A truly amazing song! After the planned entertainment, there were spontaneous speeches and picture-taking!

Later we went to XLNT where Sondre and Jørgen, but especially Sondre was DJing. We got drinks at a good price and sat down, danced and mingled for one of the last times for a while now. Being there, I realized just how much I’m going to miss everyone. The IB class of 2012 is filled with amazing people who are all capable of achieving their dream and changing the world in the process. I wish everyone the very best luck and to stay in touch! And read my blog daily. Haha.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

This is what my day was all about:

Preparing ourselves at Marie’s place

Me being prepared:

Happy people at the restaurant:

Entertainment part:

XLNT is truly an excellent place:

Happy people at XLNT

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