Bye bye biology

What can be better than a day filled with homemade Mexican food, rewriting a Justin Bieber song, burning biology notes, a glass of white wine and drinking games with new acquaintances?

Well, not much. Especially when spending the whole day with one of your closest friends. While Marie made burritos, I was rewriting Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for our graduation speech on Monday. It’s not a graduation speech in terms of official graduation, but it is a speech for the final rendezvous and celebration for us who have finally completed all our exams. Our diplomas will arrive in August, and we have to come to school to get them rather than to have a ceremony or any marking of the occasion.

I might end up posting the song here on my blog, but not before Monday!

After the song was halfway done, and the burritos had entered the digestive system, Marie cleaned and washed (for a change) and we went outside and burned her study cards for biology. Later we went upstairs to get ready. I ended up waving my hair for the very first time. And I loved it!

People started arriving and we were 7 people playing a drinking game called “Bussturen” (The Bus Ride). Later we played a game called 4 Kings. This day was a very bad day for me in terms of how much I managed to lose. At 10 PM, I was quite tipsy and Torstein and Markus came and drove me home while the others continued and later ended up at town. I chose to prioritize my last exam which I have tomorrow.

I did not really take a lot of pictures, but here’s some that I managed to capture

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