It’s Friday – Fun fun fun fun!

Guess it’s quite outdated to address Rebecca Black’s Friday in the headline, so I made a slight remix to it. Or at least tried to…

Yesterday started with a bang and ended with a boom!

I met up with Marie and we went to Helgø Meny, which is a huge grocery store and we stayed there for a little while. And then we realized we were late for the pizza party at Anne Marie’s place and then we rushed up the hill to her house.

At her place, we sat outside, chilled and drank kool-aid with a whole cup of sugar in it. That was…sweet! We talked, discussed, smiled and laughed so hard that we could feel our six-packs coming out. Especially Anita and I.

We played card games…. And suddenly. Markus came. As loud of a North-Norwegian he is, he started playing the piano. He played Kaizers Orchestra on the piano. That was cool.

Vegard came as well and we left for town. We went to a club and it was quite empty. Then we made the Dj play Skrillex and danced with weird and priceless dance moves. The club started filling up and the others left me for looking after the stuff. Luckily I always had company and got to know two of Markus’ friends.

Quote of the evening:

Olav: It’s better to have the hiccups than breast cancer

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