Happy exam day!

All the things we associate this day with, which I mentioned in my previous post, weren’t there today. There was no ice cream, hot dogs, suns, competitions, parades or creamed cakes. I would be lying if I said that I did not eat cake with cream today. Because I did. And it was good!

Biology exam went very well, for those concerned about that, but even more, we did actually manage this festive day in the dark basement of St. Olav vgs. There were no angry or depressed russ, only happy and smiling faces high on sugar. Some were even cheerful as a result of champagne breakfast. Some showed up in their russ pants, others in suits while some came in their “normal clothes”. Marie Midtun showed up in sweat pants. Not cool.

After the exam, I invited myself to my uncle Prince’s place and stayed for a full meal. We watched crazy youtube videos and did what our family is best at; being social on our own devices, or “duppeditter” as we call it in Norwegian. We had burgers, spices sausages and my aunts famous pasta salad for dinner. The dessert can be seen below.

Kristine made a fantastic poster with drawings of the russ who could not attend the parade due to the exams. I am the one without name – I got to sign myself. Cheers Kristine!

Here’s some pictures of what we did before and between the exams.

One thought on “Happy exam day!

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