Gratulerer med dagen!

Today is Norway’s constitution day! This day is all about hot dogs, ice creams, sunny weather, marching bands, cakes with a cream-overdose, Norwegian flags, parades and national costumes!

First, the children with their kindergarten or schools will walk in a parade. Some hours later, the russ will have their own parade with a theme for each school, or even class, like St Olav. At 4 PM, there will be something called “folketoget”. The people’s parade. This is when all the activities come and show themselves off. Here you will find bands, football teams, handball teams with other sport clubs, martial arts centers, dancing centers, swim teams etc. A parade filled with activities one can attend after school or work. People walking in this parade can be all from newborn (carried and not walking of course) to over 80 year olds!

The different schools also have some actives going on where it is possible to join competitions and different games and win prizes. The most important thing they have is of course hot dogs and ice creams! Usually the children have competitions among themselves regarding who manages to eat the most on this day.

My day will involve the russ-pants, my flute, my school, a pen and two papers in biology… Among with 33 others. I wonder how this day is going to be! Last day as a russ as well!

Happy birthday to my dear Birte who is 19 years today! Hope you have a great day in all the parades and get fat on ice cream and hot dogs!

Hoping everyone has a great day and thinks of the poor IB students writing non-stop in the basement of St. Olav vgs.

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