Dear sun, where are you?

After having 3 papers with economics, 4 hours of intense writing over two days, 7 tasks, and 44 handwritten pages, I am officially exhausted. The grey and depressing weather is really not making it any better. Looking at pretty pictures helps a little bit, but does not really make things better… Still have two more subjects to go with 5 papers.

I am very curious about how the day is going to be tomorrow! I lost all focus when the marching band was practicing today, and they played for a couple of minutes… Tomorrow they will be playing non stop..!

I hope that all my readers, either tired of life, weather, exams or just curious, enjoy these collages I’ve made. Most pictures are taken from different internet sites.

This is how I feel:

This is what I need:

This is where I want to be:

This is what I wish for:

And some random inspirational pictures from my Fashion Box:

Luckily I got a sweet delivery from a friend of mine, Michelle, who works as a confectioner. This is highly appreciated, and truly a necessity in exhausting exam times!

And good luck to Sondre, who has the same exams as me these days and is quite exhausted himself… 🙂

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