Oh, shoes!

Everyone who truly knows me, knows that I have a great passion for shoes! After getting rid of 26 pairs the last weeks, I am now left with the 39 pairs I want to continue having in my life… Sadly, most of my pretty shoes are at my dad’s place, where I haven’t been for about 5 weeks now. I surely will upload pictures of my prettiest shoes from there after May 21. Meanwhile, i picked out my 4 pairs I would like to bring to New York when I move from my grandma’s place:

My lovely Charlotte Rousse shoes. I’ve worn these too many times, but they are the cherry on top of almost all outfits. Elegant, cool and chic. Lovely shoes!

Every girls needs a pair of red shoes. These are really pink, but they change color with the light. As you can see, they are from Agape, where they also have them in white. These truly make a statement to every outfit one can wear these with!

Shoes given to me from my mother. These are probably the most comfortable heels I have! Bought from Norwegian shoe-store Din Sko. It is also possible to replace the ribbon with another more preferred one. Gorgeous shoes!

Now these shoes are some lovely and comfortable cherries! I don’t really mind wearing uncomfortable shoes as long as they are pretty and there is a possibility to sit, but these are, as all Agape shoes, made with a gel layer to preserve our feet. One should never get any pain in feet or legs after wearing Agape shoes. This is quite true. Agape has done a great job in making comfortable shoes that look absolutely stunning!

Stavanger is truly an amazing city, the only big minus it has is the ground in town. We have several small heel eating stones instead of a solid and steady ground. Therefore it is quite impossible to wear heels without scratching them up, but if you are like me and have a need of wearing heels, wedges is the way to go! I have never seen an assortment equal to Stavanger’s in any other Norwegian city, and I believe there is a reason for that! For this summer, my summer wedges will be these by Tommy Hilfiger:

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