Mai:Jazz – Gisle Myklebust Quartet

As mentioned, Hege and I went to a jazz concert yesterday as there is a jazz festival currently going on in Stavanger. The quartet playing was Gisle Myklebust Quartet. And it was these guys who made me discover a penchant within me for jazz.

Gisle Myklebust Quartet has been playing together since 1995, but they released their first album, Time off, just now. They consist of Rolf Hinderaker – a pianist who manages to make jaws drop, Øystein Eldøy – a talented contrabassist who does not mind playing solos, Karsten Tillerli – a charming drummer who has the beat within him. And of course Gisle Myklebust – the man with the sax, flute and bass clarinet. Together they play impressive music, filled with emotions and harmonic tunes. Their album made me speechless as I found it quite comfortable to listen to. It gave me a feeling of good company, happy feelings and tasteful food. I believe that is associations to restaurants who have live jazz music, and being able to express that atmosphere in an album is something that they should get a tap on the shoulder for. They did have a goal of only having two takes per song, as jazz is a genre which is preferred live. They wanted to capture the live-feeling on this album, and I believe they did.

The concert was held at Newsman Arkivet, a night club in a cozy basement in Stavanger. It was packed, and there was barely any room to move. We were clearly the youngest audience as the night club itself has an age limit of 22 years. The rest of the audience I would believe are true life enjoyers in the age between 35-55. Plus – minus. The concert started a couple of minutes after time and we got a clear introduction of what would happen throughout the evening and who these guys were.

The entire concert was entertaining, impressive and emotionally thrilling. I got utterly consumed by the piano-solos by Rolf Hinderaker, as well as the contrabass solos. I did not even know that was possible. Gisle Myklebust also impressed me to a quite massive extent. He seemed to be enjoying every single minute on stage, and that’s what I love about concerts. Seeing the musicians enjoying themselves as the audience is captured by the show, is more half of the reason why one should attend concerts!

The album got a 5 by Stavanger Aftenblad, which is quite good. I truly enjoyed both the album and the concert, considering the fact that jazz is not quite my thing. I would like to give this quartet a 5 as well! Maybe 5.5, just because Gisle signed my album and I got it before the concert! Check out the pictures from the concert:

Hege stole my hat…again…


Rolf Hinderaker on piano

Karsten Tillerli on percussion

Øystein Eldøy on contrabass

Gisle Myklebust on saxophone

And I had to take a picture with Gisle Myklebust after the concert…

One thought on “Mai:Jazz – Gisle Myklebust Quartet

  1. Arkivet Newsman is a night club. But every Saturday for sixteen years there has been a day time based jazz cafe with focus on the local jazz musicians. The jazz cafe has expanded their concept to also have Mai-jazz concerts and a Bebop-weekend. The ones behind the Jazz cafe, (JazzArkivet) is Eva Espensen and her daughter Camilla Espensen. Come check us out another time your in town and thank you so much for this nice review of the concert and so nice you had such a good experience.

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