Hello gorgeous!

I have a quite sweet and adorable friend who has been struggling with a terrible problem lately; she does not have a good enough profile picture on Facebook. Of course, as helpful as I can be, I offered to help her with that problem. Not having seen her since January 26, it seemed yesterday when Shruti and I met up again today.

First, I pimped her face by dipping her in my make-up bag. Followed by curling her hair before spraying it with Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume in order to add some volume. Then my uncle Bobby wanted me to take some pictures of him, before we had some pizza. After the pizza eating followed by a half-frozen samosa, we started taking the pictures.

My grandma wanted to give some clothes away to uncle Bobby, and I ended up loving a shirt he didn’t want. That is the blue shirt I am wearing on top of my brown and orange summer outfit.

A couple of words about Shruti: I have no idea how long we’ve known each other, but it sure is a long time. Our mothers have been good friends throughout the times and we have kept meeting up at get togethers by “Indian Society Stavanger”. Shruti is very talented on guitar and does the IB at ISS. Otherwise she is a funny little thing with dry, but good humor and always has a smile right inside her mouth.

The above picture represents her Indian alter ego: Happy Singh. A creepy womanizer.

And of course, there’s no photoshoot without pictures of the photographer:

And then some pictures of us together

We also concluded that Indians have a thing for showing their tongue.

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